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An international curriculum division of IEG Pvt. Ltd.

IB WITH IYER is a one-of-a-kind Micro EdTech teacher-led organization. We have been supporting students across the globe since 2005. With our constant support and proficiency, our students are now placed in renowned international universities such as the Imperial College London, University of Toronto, Canada,  London School of Economics, University of Massachusetts, and the University of Manchester amongst many others. Our dedicated office support provides complete assistance and periodic updates of the lessons to our students. We are unique because of our world-class delivery of e-Assessment, e- PTM, generation of report cards, and regular feedback that helps students to excel in their grades as per the required standards.


“Intention is the first step to inclination and destination” – Prof Iyer (Founder | Math Expert | Author | Examiner)

IB WITH IYER (IBI) is led by Prof. Iyer who has 29 years of classroom teaching experience and is an IBDP HL Math ExaminerAuthor, and Moderator. He is a Graduate in Mathematics and accomplished his Executive Management Program in Global Leadership and Strategy in 2015, from the Indian Institute of Management-(IIM-L) one of the top Business Schools in the world.

He has formerly worked as the Head of Department-Math with Podar International School, Aditya Birla World Academy, NES International School Mumbai, and Curriculum Manager & Head of the Department at Goldcrest International School in Mumbai between May 2008 and August 2021. He supports around 350 teachers worldwide and has published over 250 original resources for IB courses, A-level and AP learner communities, and schools worldwide.

Prof Iyer is a speaker at the NACAC US –College Counselling Conference. ( and has served as a delegate and an independent educator of NACAC since 2012. He has also been awarded, the “Distinguished Teacher Award 2022 for Mathematics” by the IG Group UG Haftungsbeschränkt, Germany.


IEG Pvt Ltd. was developed as an organization in 2015 with a dedicated office for learners in Mumbai. IEG is led by Prof Iyer who started teaching Mathematics at the age of 19 in a small town in Chengalpattu, near Chennai. Prof Iyer had 500 students when he was a postgraduate student, and led a team of 10 teachers under the name of Brilliant Coaching Centre.

However, Prof Iyer wanted to move away from tutoring and coaching and go global with his teaching expertise and vision of starting his own global teaching organization along with a team of subject experts. So, he made a humble beginning, starting as a part-time teacher for a leading international school teaching IB and Cambridge A-level Mathematics. He moved to International Curriculum full-time from 2007 by supporting curriculums like IBDP, MYP, GCSE, A level, IGCSE and US Common Core.

Today, IBWITHIYER supports around 350 teachers worldwide and has published over 250 original resources for IB courses, A-level and AP learner communities, and schools worldwide.


Our students topped Math in IB and A Levels year 1 & 2 in their final exams and got placements in UC Berkley, University of Toronto etc.

From our current batch, year 2 students have secured offers from the University of Penn State, University of Manchester, University of Massachusetts, University of Warwick, and few more to come.  

We completed 6127 live digital delivery hours(no recording) for IBDP, A levels, and IGCSE curriculum in last 24 months during the pandemic.

60% of our students are six and above in the HL and SL in their IBDP programs.

We have delivered 100 hours of Digital Crash Course for IB schools in Tokyo, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai in 2021.

We have also conducted Instrument Texas and CASIO Global Webinars for teachers.

Our Team

Our team is the secret to our success